Module 5

The real reason for the dog in our life is to reveal what instincts, thoughts and judgements prevent us from feeling what is at the very bottom of our heart.


Lesson Description

Module 5 is all about reassessing you and your dog in the situation that would previously have caused anxiety. There are also some training tips!

    Are you ready to take your animal kinesiology skills to the next level?

    In this in-depth course you will learn how to solve your animal's behaviour problem at a much deeper level. You will learn several techniques to clear stress and restore calm to you and your animal.  If you are interested in making a bigger impact on not only your animal, but others, then this course has been designed just for you.



    • Download and read Module 5 Workbook
    • Watch any tutorial videos in sequential order.
    • Post any questions you have in the Facebook group and I will answer you as soon as possible!
    • Practice, practice, practice!